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Sesame Street (1969– )
A show that has gone downhill
4 January 2013
The show has gone downhill over the past few years. Elmo ruined the show by killing off the other characters. Bert,Ernie,Grover,Oscar,Cookie Monster,Guy Smiley,Snuffy and Big Bird rarely appear on the show.Elmo,Zoe, Abby Cadaby and Baby Bear are now the only characters on the show. The stories are now awfully boring. Elmo is not a classic character. He is very annoying. Elmo is also just another way to boost ratings. Sesame Street is getting a new generation of viewers so the viewers won't remember any of the classic characters. Jim Henson would be ashamed of what his show has became.Sesame Street is not a show that is worthy to bother looking back at.
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Family Guy (1998– )
The Adventures of a crazy rhode island and there wacky neighbours
3 January 2013
Family Guy follows the adventures of the hilarious adventures of a rhode island family, Griffin family.The family consists of Peter the idiotic dad, Lois Peter's much smarter wife, Brian the smart dog who loves martinis, Stewie the hostile baby who is constantly trying to kill his mother, Meg the teenage daughter who never fits in at school and Chris the teenage son who is much like Peter appearing fat and very very stupid The show is very funny and has quite the wit. There are also plenty of supporting characters including Glenn Quagmire, Joe Swanson, Cleveland Brown, Mayor Adam West, Herbert, Brue, Conseula, Dianne Simmons and Tom Tucker a number of great episodes of the show and there some bad ones. The show gives great characters ( such as peter). Although the show is hilarious it is also rude. I recommend Family Guy
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