Robin Hood (2018) – Review

So, do you think movie fans will escape the holiday shopping mania for some good old-fashioned swashbuckling? What, you think most of them never “buckled a swash”. Well, not for a couple of years or so when King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword was the first of several box office duds of Summer 2016. But why give it another go? From many reports, it appears that another movie company wants to set up its own “universe”, much like Marvel Studios. But they and Warner/DC have all those known superheroes, Disney’s got their animated classics to remake in live-action, and Universal’s monster legacy started and ended with the Tom Cruise Mummy. Since there are loads of secret agents, why not go back to the old legends (plus they’re in the public domain). It’s been eight years since Ridley Scott tried to start a new medieval franchise with
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